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Healthier YOU

Care Management

Our Healthier YOU programs are your link to taking positive control of chronic health conditions. Health Partners Plans’ staff will work with you to help you meet your health care goals.

Healthier YOU programs include:

Your health claims (utilization history) determine your eligibility to participate in all Healthier YOU programs.

Healthier YOU program members receive:

  • Support from our care coordinators who are nurses, social workers and other outreach staff, to make sure you understand the best ways to manage your condition and periodically evaluate your health status
  • Reminder calls about important disease specific screenings
  • Educational materials to help you understand and manage your medications and plan visits to your doctor
  • Information on upcoming events, such as health fairs
  • Access to our helpline at 1-866-500-4571 for assistance with diet, medications questions or benefits explanations
  • Extra vision benefits: If you’re an adult member with diabetes, you can also enjoy great benefits when you protect your eyesight by getting a dilated eye exam.

For more information or to enroll in any of these programs, call the Healthier YOU helpline at 1-866-500-4571 (TTY 711).

Your participation in all Healthier YOU program is voluntary. If at any time you wish to opt out of a program call 1-866-500-4571.