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Schedule Your Annual Wellness Visit Today

Image of doctor and patientMany plans offer annual wellness visits at no cost to you. Are you taking advantage of this important benefit?

It’s a great way to get an overview of your health. Usually, your time with the doctor is spent dealing with whatever issue brought you in that day. The wellness visit is your chance to sit down with your doctor and look at the big picture.

The wellness visit doesn't include a full physical exam, but your doctor will take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and take measurements, such as waist and height. He or she will ask you about your mental and physical health as well as things like family medical history and lifestyle. You will go over your current medications and any tests and/or vaccines you might need. Finally, your doctor will provide counseling and referrals to improve your overall wellness.

Most members are eligible for a wellness visit at least 12 months after your last wellness visit or the one-time "Welcome to Medicare" exam for Health Partners Medicare members. Together, you and your doctor can build your roadmap to good health.